Debra Lloyd - Social Media Security: A Webinar for the 'ever-so-slightly' anti-social!


Debra Lloyd - Social Media Security: A Webinar for the 'ever-so-slightly' anti-social!


Debra Lloyd / Social Media Security for the 'ever-so-slightly' anti-social.

Presented by: Debra Lloyd - Digital Business Marketing Coach | Web Designer, Coach & Speaker

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Social media can be a boon or a bane to you and your business. Quite understandably, many LNCs struggle to find a balance between their professional and private presence on social media.

This webinar will help you understand, once and for all, the difference between posts, pages and profiles. You'll learn which platforms to use and which you can afford to 'snooze'. The Why-What-When & Where of posting. My personal tips and tricks to help you keep your personal and professional worlds in their respective places, and how to do it all without pulling your hair out! 

After attending this webinar you will be able to:
1.   Know how to separate your personal and business presences on social media.
2.  Navigate & set up security settings so your social profile and pages don't get hacked.
3.  Understand the difference between timelines, feeds, posts, pages, profiles & platforms. 
4.  Identify the best social platform to suit you and your business objectives.  
5.  Define 3 key ways you could use social media to help grow your business.

About Debra Lloyd

Debra Lloyd has been online since 1996. She has bought and sold several of her own online businesses and brokered the purchase and sale of many others for clients in various niches from e-commerce to cross-stitch patterns. In the process of buying, building and developing sites she has learned not only what works but also how to implement the technology to make it work. 

Her security expertise comes from having worked hands-on cleaning hacked sites, hardening existing sites and securing new websites for clients since 2010. However, her clients often say her greatest asset is that she can explain what needs to be done and why in terms they can easily understand.

Debra has been developing a strong following with LNCs as they collaborate to apply her knowledge and experience of digital marketing to develop their business, web, social and online presence. 

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