Business Essentials for LNCs - What, When & How to Backup | Binge | Budget


Business Essentials for LNCs - What, When & How to Backup | Binge | Budget


Presented by: Debra Lloyd

Thursday January 24th, 2019 at 2:00 PM EST | 1:00 PM CST |NOON MST |11:00 AM PST

Webinar Description: What to backup, binge on, and budget for, to save your business & your sanity!

Avoid the pitfalls of not backing up your work and your systems properly and often. Learn how to identify and avoid "shiny object syndrome" and binge on the things that will help you grow your business. Discover how a budget will help you grow your business and find the tools to help you put a realistic budget in place then stick to it.

Three measurable objectives for presentation: *

  1. Understand various and specific options to backup and protect your work product and computer systems providing fast recovery solutions from worst-case scenarios such as system crashes, theft or fire.

  2. Know the best ways to identify and evaluate courses, software and systems that will help you focus on growing and/or scaling in order to achieve your specific business objectives.

  3. Appreciate the advantages and importance of having a realistic budget from the very start of your business, what is truly essential and what is optional. A selection of tips and tools you can use to create and manage a realistic budget for your business going forward.

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