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Business Essentials for LNCs - What, When & How to Backup | Binge | Budget

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Debra Lloyd - Business Essentials for LNCs: What, When & How to Backup | Binge | Budget

Presented by: Debra Lloyd

Thursday December 6, 2018

at 2:00 PM EST | 1:00 PM CST |NOON MST |11:00 AM PST

1.0 CEU Credit Hours

What to backup, binge on, and budget for, to save your business & your sanity!

Avoid the pitfalls of not backing up your work and your systems properly and often. Learn how to identify and avoid "shiny object syndrome" and binge on the things that will help you grow your business. Discover how a budget will help you grow your business and find the tools to help you put a realistic budget in place then stick to it.

After attending this webinar you will be able to:

  1. Understand various and specific options to backup and protect your work product and computer systems providing fast recovery solutions from worst-case scenarios such as system crashes, theft or fire.

  2. Know the best ways to identify and evaluate courses, software and systems that will help you focus on growing and/or scaling in order to achieve your specific business objectives.

  3. Appreciate the advantages and importance of having a realistic budget from the very start of your business, what is truly essential and what is optional. A selection of tips and tools you can use to create and manage a realistic budget for your business going forward.


About Debra Lloyd

Digital Business & Marketing Coach | Web Designer | WordPress Coach | Speaker

Debra Lloyd has been online since 1996. She has bought and sold several of her own online businesses and brokered the purchase and sale of many others for clients in various niches from e-commerce to cross-stitch patterns. In the process of buying, building and developing sites she has learned not only what works but also how to implement the technology to make it work. 

Her business expertise comes from running her own business which she started on a shoe-string, so she had no choice but to learn how to manage employees, payroll, taxes (Local, State & Federal), income and expenses, product pricing and as she expanded she also had to learn about contract negotiations.  

Debra took that business from less than $75 K per year to over $500 K per year (gross-sales). She had developed 3 distinct business divisions, carved them up and sold them separately. The wholesale division was sold to a much larger company (one that had been in business for 100 years - Debra had owned hers for just 7) with a structured sale agreement that gave her a lump sum with a 3 year Royalty contract on the back end, 

Debra says the biggest lesson she learned in buying, growing and selling her business, is that the "truth about every business is defined in the bottom line". If you don't know your numbers (as in P&L), you don't, in fact, there's absolutely no way, you can know for sure how your business is actually performing.

She learned how to use those numbers to identify her most popular and most profitable products/income streams and learned they're not always what you think they are. But once you know how to drill down to identify the numbers you need to know and understand, then you will have everything you need to know to lead and grow your business. 

Debra has been developing a strong following with LNCs as they collaborate to apply her knowledge and experience of business and marketing to develop their business, web, social and online presence. 


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